About Me

Hello Guys this is Hemant Rana . And I am just 18 years old. At this stage of my life I am an IT Entrepreneur, Google Adsense earner, Content writer, Digital marketer, SEO skilled, Blogger. At this age i know all of you might be going to schools or pursuing for their Undergraduate courses, same thing I am also doing. Check it out

About me and myself

About me and myself : Like you all I am also pursuing B.com(H) course from Sri Teg Bahadur Khalsa College of Delhi University, being into my first year. And I really love this college, and ya i also like to make new friends here. Like you all, I am also the same guy with lots of dream to fulfill, lots of memories. But the differnce is just I have seen my inner capabilities and skill of what I can do and what will I get from it.

Digital Marketing is one of the Biggest marketing I have seen. And it has very much of wide scope guys literally i cant tell you also. The thing is very clear guys we all have only life and we all have to that one great thing which feels us so proud, but at the same time when we can accomplish that dream, that desire, are we all the part of rat race that after completing our graduation only we ll do the work and not just work we all will do job and we all know after studying 12 years in class and 3 to 4 years in college what types of job we all get.

Working under someone for just 30 to 40 thousand only its not a life guys. See me I am a Digital marketer, IT Entrepreneur, and i am also earning from Google Adsense. If anyone want to get consultant from me DM me on my instagram handle link given below. 

I am a Google Certified Digital marketer , Certified Display Ads marketer and Hubspot Certified Social Media Marketer

Rest this was my intro if anyone want to contact me Message me on instagram ID – ranahemant982 .