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Sports Training: Briefly Explained

The word sports training is not a new word, people have been using it since the archaic period. Training means the process of preparation for some tasks.

Sports Training

So Hello guys am back with my other post so as the title is clear Training in sports and today we are going to discuss in detail. each and every concept in full detail. It is for the reason that these terms are prevalently used in sports and games. Here, It is called Sports Training. Let’s begin with the definition first.


The concept of Training and sportsman’s preparation seems to coincide, but the terms are no identical. Preparation is broader both in terms of volume and content. Sports Training is the main component and the basic form of preparing the sportsman for a competition. The content of sports training includes all the basic types of preparation required for the sportsperson.

Now let’s go ahead in our post and go a little bit deeper into our topic

Let’s discuss the factors of Sports Training which complete our today’s topic. Which are Strength, Endurance, Speed, and last but not the least Flexibility?

Let’s start with the definition first.


Strength is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance. It is an essential or component of physical fitness. Strength can also be defined as the amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert. The strength of the body can be measured in pounds or dynes. A certain level of strength is essential for a common man whereas, for a sportsman, it is the most essential component.

There are mainly two types of strength which are Dynamic and Static. Now let’s move on further.

Endurance meaning

Endurance is the ability to sustain an activity. The result of a physiologic capacity of the individual to sustain movement over a period of time. For example, the number of situps an individual can complete in one minute is often used to measure the endurance of the stomach muscles. The types can be categorized into a few more subtopics which are According to the Nature of Activity, According to the Duration of Activity.


Speed plays a vital role almost in every game and sport. The capacity of an individual to perform a successive movement of the same pattern at a fast rate. Speed is the ability to move from one place to another in the shortest possible time. There are methods to develop the speed: Acceleration Runs, Pace Runs or races. So this was our topic but stay we do have one more topic still left this could be our Bonus article. Stay tuned for this one

Circuit Training

Circuit Training is the training method in which certain exercises of various kinds are performed with or without apparatus with a given dosage.

The main objective of circuit training is to develop endurance and strength along with flexibility and mobility. Some circuit training exercise is like:

  1. Running on the spot
  2. splits squad jumps
  3. Chin-ups
  4. Push-Ups
  5. Standing Jump
  6. Sit-ups
  7. Rope skipping
  8. Bench press
  9. Rope climbing
  10. Half Squat

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