Stepping out of our comfort zone

Comfort zone !!!! These two words matter a lot in my life and in your life whosoever is reading this. Yes you, Now let’s imagine a world in which we just have to eat and sleep can you survive in that type of world. All olay and no work, I can bet you you cannot survive more than a month in that type of world. You know why just because of the two words which I stated at the beginning of this post. Read it carefully and if possible try to change the way of living you are living till now, and live your life in a new and in a better way you ve live before.

Stepping out of comfort zone

So what according to you means by comfort zone! And do we really need to step out of our comfort zone or not ??? For understanding this we must know that are we really in a comfort zone or not?

Analyzing Your Daily Routine Stepping out of our comfort zone

Analyzing can be done through any medium you want either you can just take half an hour and recall your full ay routine and the routine you are following till that date. If you are utilizing your 4 hours a day in that work which has no connection for your carrier or your future than its clear that you are in your comfort zone. watching Tv comes first in this category. Sleeping for more than 3 hours a day in daytime falls in the second category. Your comfort zone = How much time you spend on no working activities.

The Actual Comfort Zone

Figure out the odd one out Activities Stepping out of Comfort Zone

See we all have 24 hours a day. Now, this is the universal truth which we all knows, ok so deduct at least 6 hours night sleep we get 18 hours left then if you are a school going student then again deduct 6 hours for school time, and if you are a college-going student like me then you have to deduct 7 hours. so school going students are left with 12 hours and college students left with 11 hours. Then students may be going for tuitions and coaching again deduct 3 hours for that they left with 9 hours, and I know we are college students don’t need tuitions so we left with 11 hours.

Then moving further students also need time for playing at least 1 or 2 hours so they reach 7 hours and college students get their time in traveling reaching college and coming back that also requires at least 2 hours. They come to 9 hours. I know now it’s getting boring now. so rest you can calculate further and tell me in the comment section below how much time you left with. I can personally get in touch with you.

Time For Planning

Now when we have finalized our daily routine it’s our turn now to fill that activity in our free hours which really have an impression on our future or our carrier. Like I can suggest college-going students can do side by something with studies that can integrate their Resume or their qualification standards. Like when they will go for their job selections they already have that experience and the skills that the company or that industry requires. Stepping out of Comfort Zone

Stepping out of Comfort Zone: Mostly it Happens when an undergraduate student or Postgraduate student goes for applying for the job he/she has been rejected just saying that they have no work experience they just say that one word You are Fresher or Freshie. They broke our Heart???? I say how can they do this. Its really going out of our track will discuss it in our next post. if someone wants to get in touch with me follow me on my Instagram handle @hemantrana982.

We have lots to discuss it later. Let’s get back to our ongoing track. Stepping out of Comfort Zone

I know you may say it’s not an easy task for us for doing studies and something sides by for just supporting our parents. For this, you should read this one.

My secret way of Living than Others

I want if you can follow my same routine as I am living well and good if no then just start implementing it will automatically get it to your path. First, you should check out the reason why should I and why should you get up early in the morning,

  • There is no Disruption
  • Less likely to be Procrastinate
  • Faster commute
  • You re more likely to work
  • good time for exercise
  • Mental edge over other people.

This was some of the early mornings waking up reasons which motivate me a lot. There is a famous wording of an Entrepreneur I don’t know his name but that lines always push me to do something extraordinary always.

If you want to be among the 1% people who are really rich and Wealthy in this World, you have to do what the rest 99% are not doing.

With this, my article is over guys. Do comment me how you like this and also share this post wherever you can share.

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